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The Doll's House

C-type prints framed

(series of 3),

50cm x 50cm, 2004

‘…Our home has been nothing but a playroom. I have been your doll wife, just as at home I was Papa’s doll child; and here the children have been my dolls...’ The Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen


This project is driven by a desire to satirise the gender specific nature of children’s toys and the stereotypes they reinforce. The work serves to illustrate the function of gender in day-to-day life, and as a form of learned behaviour that takes place during childhood. The act of playing becomes a gender performance, little girls pretend to look after the baby as little boys build spaceships and fix cars. Self-portraiture serves as a tool that I use to examine my own use of gender. The act of becoming the ‘active male subject’ and ‘passive female object’ in each piece subverts normative gender ideals and demonstrates my capacity to perform multiple gender roles.

The Other Woman

C-type prints framed

(series of 9),

50cm x 50cm, 2005-6

In this series of photographs I further explore the idea of the archetypal woman. Although the femme fatale reinforces the idea of women as sexual objects, she is one of the few cinematic representations of women as active subjects. She may display herself in a sexually alluring way, but her purpose is not linked to the sexual gratification of men. The femme fatale drives the plot of film noir and dominates the lens whilst the leading men succumb to her power and do her bidding. She is the antithesis of patriarchal social order and threatens to shake the foundations of the nuclear family.


C-type prints framed

(series of 10),

50cm x 50cm, 2006

The actions that take place in in this series relate to specific moments of my past. They recreate scenes from memory in the locations the events first took place. The resulting photographs depict moments of disappointment, inadequacy and vulnerability - a catalogue of evidence against me. Because the cut-out figures are relatively small scale, the locations in which they are set are unrecognisable to the viewer. Places of significance have been reduced to generic brick wall, pavement and grass. The use of the ‘original’ locale is purely for my own purposes, pointing towards an obsessive need to make accurate records.


A ghost; phantom; apparition. A mental image of something unpleasant or menacing. Something existing in perception only.

C-type prints framed

(series of 5),

50cm x 50cm, 2006-7

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