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Solo Exhibitions

#Rebel Selves

Left Bank Leeds, 10th January – 9Th February 2024.

Diskurs Berlin Gallery, 8th June – 14th July 2023.

Consumed: Stilled Lives

bildkultur Galerie, Stuttgart, 25 March – 30 April 2022.

Perth Centre for Photography, Australia, 19 February – 3 April 2021.

Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, 11 July – 22 August 2019.

Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London, 26 September – 2 November 2018.

Ffotogallery, Cardiff, 13 January – 3 February 2018. 

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 21 September – 14 October 2017.

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, December 2016.

Exhibition catalogue:


Dance for Good & Exercise Your Rights, solo exhibition of Hard Stop collaborative works,

Public Space One gallery, Iowa City, 2nd October – 4 Nov 2020.


Consumer, Various commercial advertising spaces in Cardiff (supported by ACW), October 2014 – April 2015. 


Trajector Intermezzo, Bloom Hotel, Brussels, November 2013.


Visual Pleasure

Hippolyte Photography Gallery, Helsinki, 4 July – 2 August 2013.

Vilniaus Fotografijos Galerija, Lithuania, 19 July – 4 August 2012.    

Ffotogallery, Cardiff, 20 July – 6 August 2011.


Short Lived Pleasure, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 9 – 23 June 2012.      



Oriel Davies, Newtown, Wales (testbed space), 26 June – 18 August 2010.

South Square Gallery, Bradford, 5 December 2008 – 4 January 2009.


The Substitute, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University, 7 March – 3 April 2010.


The Other Woman, The Lighthouse, Wolverhampton,3 March – 7 April 2006.


Because I’m Worth It

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, 2003.

Warsaw Project Space, Manchester, 19 August – 14 September 2002.

Group Exhibitions

Future Now, FORMAT 24, LCB Depot Leicester, March 2nd – April 26th 2024

Gender and Gesture: Thinking Beyond the Visual, Foyer Gallery,  University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. March 11 - April 8 2024; Woxsen University Hyderabad, India.

Interrupt, Queerfest Norwich 2024, The Undercroft Gallery8 – 24 Feb 2024.

PhMuseum Days 2023, Bologna, Italy, 22 September to 1 October 2023.

Mirror of Self, 27th January – 25th March 2023, Hangar Photo Centre, Photo Brussels.


Monochrome: Part 1, 6th – 31st January 2023, Glasgow Gallery of Photography.


Photography Day: The Queer Edition, 27th August 2022, Preus Museum, Horten, Norway.


40 Years of South Square Gallery, South Square Gallery, 5 August ­– 2 October 2022.


Joy and Other Feats of Strength, The Charlotte Street Foundation Gallery, Kansas City, 10 June – 23 July 2022, (collaboration with Davin Watne).


New Talents, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, 30 January 30 – 27 March 2022.


Imagining Histories, Oriel y Bont, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, 1st November – 17th December 2021.


“Does GENDER really matter?”, galleria VisioniI Altre, Venice, Italy, 16 to 30 January 2021.


Ways of Protest, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, 28th November 2020 – 23rd January 2021, (collaboration with Davin Watne).


Beauty / ?, K.L.8 Project Space, Brussels, July 2020 (The Substitute (Holiday)), 2020.


The Arcades Project, Duke Street Arcade, Cardiff, 13 November - 6 December 2019.


BREX-Kit Swap Editions, Creekside Project, Deptford, London, March 2019.


Seasons Change, Wassaic Project, Wassaic NY, December 2018 (collaboration with Davin Watne).


Still Life: Things Devouring Time, The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds (co-curated by Dawn Woolley and Katie Herrington), 21 November 2018 – 23 March 2019.

Exhibition catalogue:


vis-à-vis: Contemporary Welsh artists respond to images of women from the University of South Wales Museum Collection, Oriel y Bont, University of South Wales,9 July – 19 October 2018.


Self / Selfies, Ballarat International Foto Biennale, BackSpace Gallery, Ballarat, Australia, 19 August – 17 September 2017.


“Le Féminin” Circulation(s), Voies Off, Arles, July – September 2017.


From Selfies to Self-expression, Saatchi Gallery, London, 31 March – 6 September 2017.


All Coherence Gone?, BayArts, Cardiff, 20 September – 17 October 2014. Curated by Frances Woodley.


Basically. Forever., Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 9 – 24 August 2014.


Recollection (four British artists, curated by Frederick Bell), Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp, Belgium, 14 March – 4 May 2014.


Wasteland (2-person exhibition), Greenlease Gallery, Kansas City, USA, 5 April – 4 May 2013.


Wild Oats (curated by Dawn Woolley), Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, 4 – 18 May 2013.


Look Attractive, UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City, 9 November 2012 – 14 January 2013.


Create, Observe, Perform (co-curated with James Moore), Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki, 27 October – 4 November 2012.


Worldwide @ Young Portfolio, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan, 22 October 2011 – 29 January 2012.


Time After 2011, MCK Gallery, Split, Croatia, September – November 2011.


Expo et Reflexions sur les Stereotypes Sexistes, College des Bourg Mestre et Echevins de Schaerbeek, Brussels. 2011.


Portmanteau, Halle14, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany, 30 April – 1 May 2011 (performance commissioned by G39, Cardiff).


Virtually Real, The Audrey and Stanley Burton Gallery, Leeds, 1 March – 21 May 2011; Blyth Gallery, London, 24 November – 17 December 2010

Exhibition catalogue


Objects of Desire, The Freud Museum, London, February 2011.


My World: Visions of 21st Century Feminism, European Women’s Lobby, Brussels, 15 October2010 .


New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century, Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA, 2 – 31 October 2010.


Cream International Festival for Arts and Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, Yokohama, Japan, 23 – 29 November 2009.


Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Fact Centre, Liverpool, 23 – 27 September 2009.


Evolution Media Arts Festival, Hyde Park Picture House and The Stanley and Audrey Burton Art Gallery, Leeds, 13 – 16 May 2009.


The Human Canvas, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 24 April – 23 May 2009.


Ending Feminist Futures, University of Aberdeen, 2008.


Success / Failure, Nova Huta, Krakow, Poland (Photomonth festival) 2007.


I’ll Be Your Mirror, Primo Alonso Gallery, London, 17 January – 11 March 2007; Liverpool Biennial Independents Exhibition, 13 September – 26 November 2006.


Making Love to My Ego, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 11 August – 24 September 2006. Adolescence (photographs and sculpture).


Young Portfolio Acquisitions, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan, 26 February – 26 June 2005,


Makeshift (2-person exhibition), Midland Art Centre, Birmingham 2005. The Doll’s House.


We Didn’t Mean To Be Bad Kids, TV Made Us Do It, Strathclyde University Gallery, Glasgow, 2005; University of Hertfordshire Galleries, 2005; Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, 2004.


The Dog and Partridge, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 11 April – 18 May 2003.


Rebel Poses, Diskurs Berlin, 8 June 2023.

The Mystical Scientist: In Search for the Fountain of Youth performance paper;

Divergent Temporalities: Capitalism and the Conquest of Space-Time conference, Panteion University, Athens, May 26-28 2022.

Creative Research Methods in Ageing Studies Symposium, Centre for Women, Ageing and Media, University of Gloucester, 24 July 2019.

Performance and Public Engagement conference. The Hepworth Art Gallery, Wakefield 15 March 2018.

Talking Bodies Conference, University of Chester, 21 April 2017.


Hysterical Selfies and Docile Bodies, Experimentica International Performance Art  Festival, Chapter Arts       Centre, Cardiff, 7 November 2015.


Cut to the Measure of Desire;

(Homo Bulla), Vilniaus Fotografijos Galerija, Lithuania, 19 July 2012.         

(Short Lived Pleasure), Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 9 June 2012.

(Musical Party), Visual Pleasure, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, 20 July 2011.

(Foolish Passion), Portmanteau, Halle14, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany, 30 April – 1 May 2011 (commissioned by G39, Cardiff).

Made in Roath Festival, Front Window, Diana Street, Cardiff, 15 October 2011.

(Homo Bulla), G39 Gallery, Cardiff, installation 28 July – 14 August 2010.

(Homo Bulla), Castle Arcade shop window, Cardiff, 2010.

(Vogelen), Park Conservative Club, Cardiff (commissioned by Stiwdio Safle), April 2010.



Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification, London: Bloomsbury, Oct 2022.



Journal Articles;

‘Rebel Attention’ Cursor Magazine Attention! Special Issue, Issue 05, Spring 2024

Dawn Woolley & AC Davidson (University of Huddersfield): “Bois of Isolation”: Queering place, gender binaries and the ‘self’ through selfies in pandemic lockdown', Living Gender in Diverse Times: Special Issue of Journal of Gender Studies, 2023. DOI: 10.1080/09589236.2023.2226089

Broadhead, S., Bale, I., Case, K., Hussain, M., and Woolley, D. (2020) ‘Exploring the black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) student experience using a Community of Inquiry approach’, Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, 22(1), pp. 112-131.

Dawn Woolley, ‘Aberrant Consumers: Representing Disordered Eating on the Still Life Table’, World Gastronomy Institute Global Report 2020 'A Gastronomic Planet', 2020. pp. 162-4.

Dawn Woolley, ‘[Im]moral Food’ in collaboration with Zara Worth, In Media Res: A Creative commons Project, Feb 2019.

Journal Portfolio: Dawn Woolley, ‘Critical Clickbait: Artist Interventions in Commercial Visual Culture’, InMedia: The French Journal of Media Studies, 7.1 (Visualizing Consumer Culture) : 2018,

Dawn Woolley, ‘Aberrant consumers: Selfies and fat admiration websites’, Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society, 6(2), 2016, 206–222.



Book Chapters;

Dawn Woolley, ‘Desire Lines: quantified-Self-Portraits’, in Curative Things: objects at the intersections of art and fashion, health and medicine, eds. Dawn Woolley, Fiona Johnstone, Ellen Sampson and Paula Chambers, London: Palgrave, 2023, pp. 211–237.

Dawn Woolley and Jason Luger (University of Northumbria) ‘The Deviant Leisure of Gym Bodies, Militaritarized Branding and Fascistic Creeps’, Deviant Leisure and Events of Deviance, eds. Ian R. Lamond and Rosie Garland, London: Palgrave, 2023

Dawn Woolley, ‘The Quantified Self, The Ideology of Health and Fat’, The Body Productive, London: Bloomsbury, eds. Steffan Blayney, Joey Hornsby and Savannah Whaley, 2022, pp. 137–156.

Dawn Woolley and Zara Worth (Leeds Beckett University), ‘God Shaped Hole’, Painting, Photography, and the Digital: Crossing the Borders of the Mediums, ed. Carl Robinson, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022 

Dawn Woolley, ‘Creative Consumption: Art About Eating on Instagram’, #FOODINSTAGRAM: Identity, Influence, Negotiation, eds. Emily Contois and Zenia Kish, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2022, pp. 101–112.

Dawn Woolley, ‘The Dissecting Gaze: Fashioned Bodies on Social Networking Sites’, Revisiting the Gaze: Feminism, Fashion and the Female Body, Book, eds. Morna Laign and Jackie Willson, London: Bloomsbury, July 2020, pp. 123–146.


Dawn Woolley, ‘The Iconography of Disruptive Bodies: Social Media and Medical Identities’, Bodies in Flux : Embodiments at the End of Anthropocentrism eds. Barbara Braid and Hanan Muzaffar, Leiden: Brill Rodopi August 2019.


Conference Proceedings;

Dawn Woolley, ‘Selfies as Practices of Care-taking (and giving)’, European Conference on Social Media’, Pedagogical University of Krakow, 18th – 19th May 2023, E-book: 978-1-914587-66-5, Book ISBN: 978-1-914587-65-8​

Dawn Woolley and AC Davidson, ‘SAR 2021 presentation’, SAR Conference, 1 (2022) 



Exhibition Catalogues;

‘The Great Recuperator’, Consumed: Stilled Lives (with commissioned text by Dr Francette Pacteau and Professor Mark Durden), Cardiff: Ffotogallery, July 2019.

Exhibition catalogue:


‘Introduction’, co-authored with Dr Katie Herrington, Still Life: Things Devouring Time, co-edited with Dr Katie Herrington, University of Leeds, Oct 2018, pp. 8-11.


‘Consumer Culture in Historic and Contemporary Still Life’, co-authored with Dr Katie Herrington, Still Life: Things Devouring Time, co-edited with Dr Katie Herrington, University of Leeds, Oct 2018, pp. 12-9.


‘Virtually Real: Spatiality and Illusion in Contemporary Art’ (Co-authored with James Moore), Virtually Real, co-edited with James Moore, Leeds: University of Leeds, 2011.


‘Visual Pleasure: Photography, illusion and the Desire to be Deceived’, Visual Pleasure, (with commissioned essay by Darian Leader), Cardiff: Ffotogallery, 2010.


‘Self-Portraiture and Narcissism in the Visual Arts’ (Co-authored with James Moore), Making Love to my Ego co-edited with James Moore, (with commissioned writing by Jeanne Randolph and Dr Ian Parker), Manchester: Castlefield Gallery, 2006.

Artworks in academic publications;

Karine Chambefort-Kay (2021), Putting Herselfie In the Picture 'The Substitute' by Dawn Woolley, Archivo Papers Journal, 1:2.


3am Magazine, (2015).


Being Gorgeous: Feminism, Sexuality and the Pleasures of the Visual, Jackie Willson, London: IB Taurus, (2015).

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