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Hysterical Selfies

Pop-up display banners or digital prints (series of 8)

80cm x 100cm, 2015

Each photograph represents a consumer demographic based on the ideological messages of commodities. The images contain a mirror and are photographed from shoulder height, creating a point of view that conforms to the conventions of a mirror selfie, but the body of the selfie-producer is absent. By presenting cornucopia of products that have similar ideological messages this series demonstrates how adverts and packaging repeatedly and insidiously reinforce gender ideologies.


Sirens (2016-7)

One of the most invasive developments of online advertising is autoplay videos. As I browse a page the soundtrack of an advertisement plays in the background and I am forced to look for the ad in order to stop it. I can choose not to look but it is difficult not to hear. I wanted the commodities from Hysterical Selfies to share this aggressive insistence, so I created Sirens. In Sirens the commodity speaks with an almost human voice, softly whispering its ideological messages. Allowing the commodities to speak brings attention to the absurdity of the messages.


Wishbook (2015-9)

To highlight and further explore the ideological messages of commodity names I posted a series of images and hashtags on Instagram.

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