During my PhD research I gathered packaging material of commodities with names and branding that reinforce dominant gender stereotypes. Ironically, I found it difficult to dispose of the element of the commodity that is made to be thrown away. Because the packaging is the residue of our culture I used it to make relics of advanced capitalism.


Reminiscent of devotional artefacts and ceremonial figures such as totems, votive candles, and janus figures, these relics infer an overvaluation of commodities and packaging. They seem powerful. Made from different types of packing material, and beginning to show signs of age, these Relics are not sacred objects that are preserved for centuries because they are culturally significant. They are waste that cannot be destroyed. Like janus figures they reveal both sides of their nature: sacred and profane.


Brexit Dolls and other Powerful Objects

This edition, which is related to the Relics series, aims to ward off the evils of Brexit. Made out of packaging and adverts from pro-Brexit businesses, the dolls will offer catharsis to the owner and potential misfortune to Brexiteers. Any resemblance to Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Theresa May etc. is purely coincidental. The edition of objects was made specifically for Swap Editions: BREX-Kit.