Dawn Woolley is a visual artist using photography, video, installation,

performance, and sound. She completed

an MA in Photography (2008) and PhD by project in Fine Art (2017) at the Royal

College of Art.


Recent exhibitions have included; “Le Féminin” Circulation(s), Arles (2017), “From Selfie to Self Expression” Saatchi Gallery, London (2017), “Basically. Forever” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

and “Recollection” Ruimte Morguen

Gallery, Antwerp (2014). Solo exhibitions include; “Consumed: Stilled Lives” Dyson Gallery, London (2016); “Visual Pleasure”,



Hippolyte Photography Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2013); “Visual Pleasure”,

Vilniaus Fotografijos Galerija, and Lithuania(2012).


Woolley is a senior lecturer in photography at Anglia Ruskin University. She has written exhibition catalogue essays on visual

pleasure and performance (Visual Pleasure), illusion and art (Virtually Real), and self-portraiture and psychoanalysis (Making Love to my Ego). Recent academic publications include ‘Aberrant consumers: Selfies and fat admiration websites’ Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society, 6(2).

Collaborative Project; Hard Stop Dawn Woolley & Davin Watne


A visual essay examining the rhetoric of mass-media. The artists exchange images

& ideas to explore how images communicate, persuade, and seduce.